Who are The Pearl Harts?

Written by on May 31, 2018

Ahead of their upcoming September UK Tour I have been listening to the Pearl Harts debut album Glitter and Spit. I’ll review the album separately but nevertheless there has been a lot of random nudity about the place as the overall
sound of the album has me wanting to strip at any given time, much like the rest of life really.

Kirsty and Sara, currently based in South East London, met while touring with other bands before eloping into the night in order to turn this secretive affair into some heavier sounds than they were able to make in their existing bands.

Drifting away from the current trend of trying desperately to be liked and popular the duo take more of a punk attitude to their music with a ‘like it or fuck off’ mentality, which immediately makes them worth a listen or a live show to me.

Describing themselves as ‘Loud, Obnoxious and Uncompromising the Pearl Harts take a great deal of influence from 70s and 80s Sabbath and Zepplin with an injection of funk groove.
The match made in hell works, with the pair managing to let their ‘no holes barred’ approach leap out of the speakers at you and dares you to try and ignore the stark aural experience coming at you.

The overall feel album seems personal and raw, with a feeling of being very simply produced and seems to get over the feel of what it would be like to see the band live. You get the definite feel that the band is in the room with you, possibly standing behind you as you write an article about them and threatening you to
be nice.


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