Who are Don Broco ?

Written by on May 31, 2018

Given that this is a band that has recently taken over the musical atmosphere of
my house and is currently filling the air of a Croatian apartment as I sit naked,
half drunk and armed with a laptop on a barely covered veranda, there is clearly
more that I should know about this band, mostly why haven’t I heard of them
before now?
I had heard their name from a friend (Gav Gates of Boy Jumps Ship) who had
been drum tech for the band on their latest tour. As a result word of the
dynamism of Broco’s live shows had spread around the local scene and when
they were announced to be playing at the This is Tomorrow festival in Newcastle
they were the must see.
I have written about that festival previously, both positive and negative, but the
highlight for me was easily the presence and performance of Don Broco.
However the fact that this was the first time that I had seen them I’ve is a
testament as to how far from the ‘cool kids’ scene I have drifted.
The band formed in 2008 and released their first full length album in 2012, with
their 2015 release, and my current favourite, ‘Automatic’ reaching number 6 in
the UK album charts. They have toured extensively and have featured at major
UK festivals such as Download, Sonosphere, Leeds and Reading, Slamdunk as
well as many others and their history as a support act includes Enter Shikari,
Mallory Knox and Bring me the Horizon. Clearly the history of missing support
acts, with the best of intentions of course, has come back to haunt me once again.
Broco formed officially at Nottingham University in 2008 and first appeared at
Download Festival in 2009, which proves that with a talented group of mates you
can do anything, now I must just fins that group.
Their latest album Technology was released in February 2018 and made it to
number 5 on the UK album charts. Once again I had not heard of them by this
point, apparently my Spotify account is letting me down with new release
So it is here I will leave you, with the Don playing out into the afternoon, my
oversized beer running dangerously low and a slightly creepy older lady lurking
over to my right, trying not to be too clearly looking at the naked man flesh on
display. It is difficult at this point to say what she is enjoying most, the music or
the nakedness, game on Don Broco, game on.
As an aside I have recently remembered a dream I had some months ago
involving the name of this band and a pyramid, other details escape me, so if they
end up at Glastonbury anytime soon my powers as a psychic will be proved once
and for all

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