Terra Incognita – Fragments of a ruined mind

Written by on January 14, 2019

Name:             Terra Incognita

Album:            Fragments of a Ruined Mind

Released:        November 2017


One of the joys of doing this job is the stream of new material that is sent my way. It is something that changes up the usual rotation of music that happens in the house and allows me to get to grips with something new. This is no exception. Terra Incognita fell into my inbox this morning and their brand of epic metal graced the ears of myself and my neighbours all morning.

Fragments of a Ruined Mind is an album which took more than one listen to fully get my head around. There were some solid tracks that seemed elevated above some of the others and initially gave the album an uneven feel. However, when delving further into the album and paying a bit more attention what you realise is that this is more of a concept album. The tracks here tell a continuous story. As a result, the uneven tone of the album makes sense as there are different story elements told through the music as well as the lyrics, where a consistent musical ‘sound’ as we see in most albums would not have suited.

Overall the album is enjoyable with standout tracks coming in the form of My Ruined Mind, Signed in Blood, Life Begins Again and In The Mist. The heavy guitar based metal will have you air guitarring around your living room and freaking out the cat, or whatever other small animal may be present. Headbanging is a requirement

The music is strong throughout with a number of different atmospheres created by the Athens based band, who use the opportunity to show off their skills, as well as their influences, a mix between Iced Earth and Black Sabbath. Billy Vass, the singer, uses the album to take us through the story of Strahd, a tragedy of betrayal death and damnation.

What is presented is a strong album with a number of different themes and impressive performances by all involved. It comes as no surprise to find that Bob Katsionis was the producer on this album as there is a feel of Firewind about it. In discussion regarding the band Katsionis stated

“I loved their music from the very first note. I met them at a festival where they grabbed my attention with both their heaviness and their sensitivity. It was very easy and fun to make the album and I think it features something that is missing a lot these days: the ability to play for yourself and not to surprise anyone. I am really glad that I’m debuting my label with them.”

The band are currently on tour with Gus G and Primal Fear

Overall Rating – 7/10

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