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The Boy discusses the continued coverage of a potential terror attack in Syria with the added details of scenes being filmed involving children for a possible false flag attack. The new happenings within the EU with regards to Hungary and the Article 11 and 13 legislation being passed and the possible consequences. The possibility of […]

The Boy talks about the continuing false flag countdown from RT, the question of propaganda, the re-branding of al-Quada by the media, The Nike controversy. Still does not understand people at all.

The Boy discusses and becomes annoyed by the fact that people don’t seem able to hold to an ideal over party politics. A review of the day’s news, conversation about why Donald Trump seems to be discussed everywhere, Alex Jones and Censorship, Propaganda by media publications and Serena Williams Press conference

System of a Down flew deftly under my radar for years, only to launch spectacular sneak attacks on a frighteningly frequent basis during a late night drunk in Legends. What can possibly be better than seeing the swirl of sweaty black clad beings howling out the lyrics to some heavy as fuck songs as watered […]

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