First in line for our retrospective look at the work of David Bowie is the 1967 self-titled debut album. Our man has been locked in a cupboard with nothing but the album for company. These are his slightly crazed thoughts. I have always said that in order to fully enjoy music you have to listen […]

The first known studio recording of a young David Bowie has sold for $52,000 at auction. For most people the resurfacing of an old demo tape would be a horror not worth imagining. I know that the thought of an old Myspace page being discovered would make me wake up screaming in the middle of […]

Editors Note – Since the parties involved have a scattered memory about this night, at best, this will be told in the third person. This is a collection of the fragmented memories of broken toys. The Boy was late, and visibly and emotionally hungover. Uncle Rock was at the bar, on time, and already enjoying […]

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