With a single tweet YouTube unleashed a stream of frustration at itself. Speaking with regards to the incoming EU laws governing online behaviour and copyright regulations (Articles 11 and 13) the streaming service’s twitter account stated “Imagine if you couldn’t watch your favourite videos.” The backlash was instant and brutal and focused on the hypocrisy […]

The Boy discusses the continued coverage of a potential terror attack in Syria with the added details of scenes being filmed involving children for a possible false flag attack. The new happenings within the EU with regards to Hungary and the Article 11 and 13 legislation being passed and the possible consequences. The possibility of […]

In which the Boy takes a look at the worrying trend of censorship on social media and the potential repercussions of celebrating the fact that someone that you disagree with has been censored

Speculation has been rife for over a year now about a possible reunion of the Murderdolls with numerous articles being written on the subject and interviews with band members Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 stoking the fires of fan anticipation. It is now 16 years since the Murderdolls first album and the excitement around this […]

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