There is something quietly perverted about sitting out in the garden drinking an afternoon beer in February. Something that we shouldn’t be able to do, but it is oh so enjoyable. So what better soundtrack to such an activity than a Maiden-esque metal adventure in the guise of Scream Into The Void by Rhodium? The […]

Having returned from a brief hiatus in order to complete a dissertation, the Boy tries to find his feet again on the podcast. rambling as he does about musical goings on and hinting at future developments and content  

There is a natural progression that a number of bands seem to be going through these days which leads to their music becoming more ‘mainstream’. There is a desire to look for ‘another sound’ which will undoubtedly divide their existing fan base and forms a kind of crossroads for the band in general. Gravity is […]

In which the boy discusses a recent GQ article about the lack of female presence on festival line ups, a good point not well made.

In which the boy discusses englands world cup loss, steel panther controversy, steel panther memories, gus g and firewind, upcoming tours and BFMV’s new album  

Given that this is a band that has recently taken over the musical atmosphere of my house and is currently filling the air of a Croatian apartment as I sit naked, half drunk and armed with a laptop on a barely covered veranda, there is clearly more that I should know about this band, mostly […]

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