Looking forward to: Ozzy’s No More Tours 2 Tour

Written by on September 18, 2018

The UK tickets are available and the demand is high for the (possibly) final Ozzy Osbourne tour to hit the UK. The Sabbath frontman claims that this will be the final farewell tour that he will embark upon, if that phrase seems a bit redundant you should be aware of the huge number of ‘retired’ acts that have recently begun touring again in order to cash in on that sweet sweet nostalgia money.

The No More Tours 2 Tour will play the UK and Europe from January 30th 2019 to March 3rd 2019 with UK dates in Nottingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Birmingham and London between February 1st and February 11th.

Touring with the legendary singer will be Zakk Wylde on guitar, Rob “Blasko” Nicholson on bass, Tommy Clufetos on Drums and Adam Wakeman on Keyboard. The band is made up of long time Ozzy collaborators with Nicholson having worked with Ozzy since 2003, Clufetos joining in 2010 and performing with both Ozzy and Black Sabbath and Wakeman also playing with Sabbath on the The End tour. Wakeman was also involved with Osbourne’s 2010 album Scream.

Zakk Wylde was called back into the band for the first time since 2007’s Black Rain album. Wylde has spoken about getting the call to rejoin the band explaining:

Ozzy said, ‘Gus G. is doing the Firewind thing, and Jake [E. Lee] is doing his thing. Brad Gillis is doing Night Ranger. Bernie Torme is still doing the blues thing. You’re the last option. Do you want to do it?’”

The unorthodox call up did not seem to phase Wylde who went on to say that when asked if he was ok with being the last option replied:

“At least I’m an option.”

The tour appears to be a welcome departure from previous tour activity for Ozzy who has recently spoken up about his recent experiences on tour with Black Sabbath, stating:

“I didn’t have a great time. I spent 9 or 10 years in Sabbath, but I’d been away from them for over 30 years. With them I’m just a singer. With me, I get to do what I want to do. I was getting bad vibes from them for being Ozzy. I don’t know, what the fuck else can I be.”

I think we can all agree that an Ozzy that is able to relax and just be Ozzy, and hopefully regain some of that touring enthusiasm is the Ozzy we want to see (Ozzy).



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