Joe Rogan Questions Nothing – Fans abandon comedian after Twitter CEO podcast disaster

Written by on February 3, 2019

There have been a number of sporadic complaints about poor episodes, but it seems that number 1236 was the tipping point. Fans of the popular Joe Rogan Experience podcast have expressed their disdain for the comedian after an incredibly poor interview with Jack Dorsey – the owner of Twitter. At the time of writing, the interview (which was taken down and re-uploaded due to negative feedback and comments) currently has 420K views 4.9K likes and 30K dislikes.

The Twitter CEO’s appearance on the podcast, which is live streamed to YouTube, must go down as one of the least popular episodes of the show currently available on the site and, by viewing the comments, the time that the fans have decided to leave the show completely.

The reasons for their disgust are clear, the presenter has long been a supporter of free speech and expression and has had a number of controversial figures on his show, some of these he has openly counted as ‘friends’, InfoWars’ Alex Jones for example. Some of these people have been banned by Twitter for their posts, and some would believe their politics. In this interview Rogan addresses none of these issues or the concerns that many of his fans have of the unequal treatment of users by the platform.

On many issues during the interview it feels as though Dorsey has backed himself into a corner of hypocrisy, only to be allowed out of it immediately by Rogan who would move to another topic. For example, when asked why Alex Jones was kicked off the platform Dorsey replies that Jones broke the terms of service for the site, when asked what terms were broken he replies ‘I don’t know’. There is no further information asked and the conversation moves on immediately to Patreon. Later in the conversation the topic moves to threats of violence, doxing and abuse, which Dorsey states would be enough to get a person removed from the platform, despite having covered examples of where this behaviour has been condoned and ignored by the twitter staff on previous podcasts the presenter decides that this is enough information and moves on. There is no real information given by Dorsey, and no desire for information from Rogan.

Further controversy has come as a result of the treatment of the video of the interview, after initial poor response and comments the video was taken down and re-uploaded to the site, the negativity continued. A great deal of fan anger has come from the removal of certain high ranked comments on the video, with some accusing the comedian of the same censorship that he claims to be so vehemently against.

The negative feedback is such that the video is much more difficult to find on YouTube than usual, this is to the point that I thought the announcement of the show was a prank when I went to watch it as it was buried in the system, with almost every other episode of the podcast showing up first, something that never happens with these podcasts.

It seems that the apparent lack of integrity felt by the audience may have been a tipping point in the show’s history after a number of previous complaints of the host changing his views to suit the guest opposite him. It seems that this may have become all too apparent and repeated in the latest episode.



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