French unhappy with country’s leadership: Poll

Written by on January 8, 2019

The polling company Odoxa has released results of a recent survey held in the protest stricken France, revealing that the French President and his ministers may have more on their hands than the ‘yellow vest’ protestors that are getting the majority of the news coverage about France (outside of France itself).

The poll shows that just 25% of the respondents indicated that they were happy with the way that the government is running while 75% disapprove of President Macron and his cabinet. This is a huge departure from the last poll held on the subject in April of 2018 which showed that 59% of citizens were unhappy with the government and specifically Macron.

The results of the poll show that it is not just Macron that is suffering with Prime Minister Philippe and Interior Minister Castaner having 54 and 53% negative ratings respectively.

Perhaps most interestingly these results have not just come from the low paid farmers and workers, those that are most connected to the current wave of Gilet Jaunes (yellow jacket) protests, but are also shown by the middle classes and those with higher incomes.

Given the low approval ratings of the French government it seems like a bad time for them to start introducing measures to reduce the freedoms of their citizens with regards to protest, as covered here. Especially while there is continued silence surrounding the issues that the protestors raise.

In a further poll carried out by the same company results show that 54% of those surveyed want the protests to continue, while 46% want them to stop. This is a large shift in public opinion from the previous ‘two out of three’ that supported the protests. There could be many reasons for this shift. However, when the protestors continue to have a higher approval rating that the government, even after weeks of negative press, it is time to start taking both them, and their concerns, seriously.

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