Cornerstone – Live at Trillians

Written by on July 25, 2018

Trillians being the home of Rock in the North East is a great place to find out about bands that you otherwise would be none the wiser about. Earlier conversations had made me aware of Into The Deep, and that was enough to lure me into the bar on a warm Tuesday night.

Kicking off the night the local lads showed no lack of intensity and presence as they launched into their opening songs, the back line being steady and impressive without being over powering and the lead guitar player being awesome straight out of the gates. The only criticism I would have with the band themselves was that it took a few songs for the lead vocalist to warm up and get into the songs themselves. This was a point that I tried to blame on his skinny jeans, how could you ever expect a person to sing well in that madness. By the end of the set however they had proved their ability and had begun to win over the notoriously difficult to please Mrs Boy.

 Paris Dancer hit the stage just as her Toffee Apple cider was hitting the good point and the experience of the rockers took hold showing just how well a set polished by years of camaraderie and live performance can run. The set was easy and enjoyable with a lot of the people in the bar singing along to the tracks that have been heard around the area for a few years now. Although able to join in the songs themselves don’t seem to age at all, each time setting up for an enjoyable night, this is helped by the electrifying guitar playing in the solos that the band exhibit.

 Cornerstone took the stage with one of the bravest moves of the night. The singer sporting a red leather jacket in a room full of sweating punters and musicians. The heat in the room had been commented on from the stage and the bar area and yet the choice was made by a woman that had been walking around in shorts earlier in the night. Her comment that it was warm later would be received with knowing grunts from the assembled drinkers. Cornerstone themselves were an experience in themselves, if Paris Dancer were a step up from Into The Deep, then another step was made here. The singer’s voice was a strange experience, with Mrs Boy pointing out that the voice should fit better with a pop or dance act than a rock band. Yet in spite of this the set worked spectacularly well, whether this was the chemistry of the band on stage or not it was difficult to tell. The unconventional voice seemed to match with the band and create a sound that was difficult to compare.

I am considering Austria as a place to visit, not only because the Cornerstone guitarist had one of the most expensive guitars ever to grace the Trillians stage in his possession, but because of the quality fo the songs and performance that was put on last night. There is clearly an unrepresented swarm of bands in the area that needs to be explored and exposed to the wider world. I would recommend all of the bands that played to anyone reading. I know I have paid a lot more to see a lot worse in terms of performance. It is in this quality that Trillians remains the best place that I have found for music anywhere in the world. Though I am happy to explore other options

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