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Release Date: 1st September 2017 Purchase: Good googly moogly am I a sucker for some well played pop punk. It may be my weakness, the way to instantly negate all the super powers that I have. I’m not scared, I’ll leap around with a crowd of teenage girls, I’ll scream louder than any of them, it’s how […]

Release Date: 22nd September 2017 Napalm Records iTunes: OK, back down to business. I have not written anything for a while, I have lost track of how long it has been, a few days or weeks, it is irrelevant. Luckily in wading through the vast number of new releases I am always able to find something […]

Release Date: 29th September 2017 Hypertension Records Purchase: Every so often you hear a band, track or album that gets in your head and has an effect. My first thought about Public Psyche’s new album was that this is the kind of sound that gets played during any ‘low budget’ Hollywood film whenever a character takes any form […]

Venue: Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle upon Tyne Date: 27th November 2017 There is nothing that will make you re-evaluate your choices in life than strolling through Newcastle in the dark, bastard freezing because you don’t understand how weather works, on your way to a bar that you think has gotten too lofty expectations of itself, but it was […]

Release Date: 14th September 2017 iTunes: I am fascinated with understanding music that I don’t ‘get’. Zappa and Beefheart being two of the top contenders. So when I first listened to the Mechanics of Life album, I knew this was going to be an uphill struggle. As it turns out, getting into the right frame of mind for this album was as […]

Release Date: 1st September 2017 Attic Records Purchase: I have listened to this album a number of times through now, this was not simply due to a desire for professionalism but to deal with what I couldn’t place. There was a jarring feeling the first time that I listened to this album that I couldn’t figure out. […]

Release date: 17th November 2017 Listen:   As someone who doesn’t normally drink anything with caffeine in it, or much sugar for that matter, combining the two is not a great way to relax. I’m sitting here rattling as we speak, well I type and you read. I’m not much for dancing either, there is […]

Venue: Wembley Arena Date: 6th November 2015 Getting beer thrown over you is not pleasant. It smells, its wet and it’s cold. However, it was an accident, and if you are still shouting about it after an hour and numerous apologies, then you have much larger issues. I would love to say that I met the angriest […]

Release Date: 22nd January 2016 Tradecraft iTunes: This review has taken longer than I expected; it is starting to become a theme. The reason this time was that I had to listen to it a lot in order to make up my mind about what I thought of it. That is not to say that I […]

Release Date: 20th November 2015 Easy Life/Sony iTunes: I tend to think that my life comes with it’s own soundtrack. That madness will hit you when you walk around with ear buds in all day, ignoring the world around you. There was a reason for me to be in my own little world this morning, I […]

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