Captain Marvel Review – Saved by supporting cast

Written by on March 8, 2019

There is a possibility of spoilers, but it won’t really matter

The midnight showing of the newest Marvel release is often an enthusiastic affair with fans clamouring to be among the first to see the latest instalment of the franchise. This was not the case with Captain Marvel, sat in the muted screen that was only around half full there was very much a feel of ‘having to get through it’ in order to be up to date for the release that everyone wanted to see: Avengers Endgame, released a month later. If that is why you are thinking of seeing the film I can save you two and a half hours and the price of admission, there is nothing new added here.

The most enthusiasm that came from the audience came when the trailer for the upcoming Avengers movie was shown, for the rest of the time we just tried to stay awake. That is not to say that there is not plenty of spectacle to take in during the film. Space and sci-fi elements abound in this film and the set pieces are great. The story isn’t too bad and the supporting cast make the film watchable. It is the two leads of the film, Brie Larson and Jude Law, that disappoint most, though the script for those characters didn’t help.

Whether placing these two ‘actors’ in a film alongside a supporting cast that managed to put in great performances saved the film or simply highlighted their complete lack of ability to come across as people on screen remains to be seen. The pair were atrocious, Law looking as though he would have been more suited for the 90s judge dredd film and Larson managing a whopping 2 facial expressions throughout the film.

While the dialogue throughout the film was well delivered and enjoyable, there were a couple of moments that even drew a weak laugh from the audience, the lines delivered by Larson and Law were clichéd and obvious to the point that people in this first screening of the film were able to deliver them along with the film, and in a more believable way.

This was all very disappointing as you got the feeling that with any other lead actors this film would have been a triumph, even with the iffy script. It would have been nice to have a relatable main character, one who didn’t simply come off as completely unlikable from start to finish. There was a great deal of promise within the story and concept that feels undelivered. The fish out of water type of story is one that has been done many times with varying levels of success, this one would be one of those lower levels.

There is also a problem i have with characters who don’t develop in any meaningful way. Captain Marvel is annoying and unlikable from the start and, as with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she is able to do everything better than anyone else from start to finish, despite not being aware of what things are or how they work on earth. The character isn’t relatable and feels forced and pandering. Having seen the success of Wonder Woman in the DC universe it seems strange that the writers at Marvel would ignore everything that film did well in terms of character and portrayal in favour of this ham fisted approach.

This will be seen as a rare mis-step by marvel, luckily there is no real connection to the Avengers which could taint the upcoming release, only a post credit scene where SPOILERS Captain Marvel shows up, out of nowhere and shows her supreme lack of acting ability and chemistry against a well performing part Avengers cast. If anything, this post credit scene seemed to further deflate the audience and the discussion on leaving the theatre was more of people trying to salvage any positives they could from the evening, rather than an excited discussion of what they had just witnessed.

Personally, I just wished I had skipped the film entirely and gone to bed. I wanted this to be good, if just to stir up the internet debate and excitement for endgame. I wanted something to be added to the overall story of the MCU. I wanted to be introduced to a new character that would get me excited for the future of the MCU post-endgame. I was very disappointed on all levels. I can see why the Rotten Tomatoes review score had to be inflated.

Overall – 4/10 – I am generous in my tired state

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