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For a while I have had an issue with the fact that as soon as an artist dies their back catalogue sales rocket. Presumably this is a vain effort for people to justify their self aggrandising quest for attention as they proclaim all over social media that they are ‘devastated by the loss of [whatever […]

System of a Down flew deftly under my radar for years, only to launch spectacular sneak attacks on a frighteningly frequent basis during a late night drunk in Legends. What can possibly be better than seeing the swirl of sweaty black clad beings howling out the lyrics to some heavy as fuck songs as watered […]

In which the boy discusses englands world cup loss, steel panther controversy, steel panther memories, gus g and firewind, upcoming tours and BFMV’s new album  

In which the boy discusses PS4 game Warframe, Film – The giver and Black Mass

Test 1 – 2 we are live and the podcast equipment is working  

There is an old saying, I can’t remember where I heard it, or if I ever have for that matter, the legend is often better than the truth. This idea is personified in the shape of the mysterious bluesman Seasick Steve. I first became aware of Steve as the result of a happy cd buying […]

I don’t believe it’s possible to truly understand the level of damage you do to yourself by falling into a thorn bush until you step into the shower. I don’t know how you end a day drinking session but I prefer the foliage based scratchiness that can only be attained by aiming yourself arse first […]

My determination to get into vinyl continues and it has brought back fond memories of going into HMV for physical copies of music, cds in my case. Wandering back in to see what was on offer I happily lost myself in the process of browsing the racks of records that have recently made a welcome […]

I talk a lot about atmosphere when it comes to music and I am constantly on the look out for music that will fit with my mood at any given moment. I am also easily swayed and I will give anyone a listen that follows me on Twitter, so far this has not taken me […]

With multiple people arriving in London from different locations at different time and staying in different places this was a day trip that was rife with disastrous possibility. Someone getting lost, missed texts, delays and cancelled trains are things that can and will fuck up your day without notice and with spectacular regularity. The Mosh […]

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