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It seems that there are a lot of people reporting on music and musicians that don’t understand the work of the people they are reporting on, or the musicians at all really. There has been a lot of talk recently about Ozzy Osbourne retiring from touring after the his current (No More Tours II) tour. […]

Name:             Terra Incognita Album:            Fragments of a Ruined Mind Released:        November 2017   One of the joys of doing this job is the stream of new material that is sent my way. It is something that changes up the usual rotation of music that happens in the house and allows me to get to grips […]

Having announced that there will not be a new stand-alone Assassins Creed title in 2019 (hopefully learning from past mistakes) the Assassins Creed team have announced a number of new features that will be coming to the game in 2019. Firstly, let’s get into one of the biggest issues that has been raised by players, […]

First in line for our retrospective look at the work of David Bowie is the 1967 self-titled debut album. Our man has been locked in a cupboard with nothing but the album for company. These are his slightly crazed thoughts. I have always said that in order to fully enjoy music you have to listen […]

The polling company Odoxa has released results of a recent survey held in the protest stricken France, revealing that the French President and his ministers may have more on their hands than the ‘yellow vest’ protestors that are getting the majority of the news coverage about France (outside of France itself). The poll shows that […]

The Prime Minister of France, Edouard Philippe, has announced new plans to crack down harder on people involved in unauthorised protests. As well as this plan there are also moves to toughen punishments for rioting as a result of the ‘Gilet Jaunes’ protests against the government that began in November. The move, which could be […]

One of the most dominant UFC champions in history has joined The One FC Championship. Demetrious Johnson, aka Mighty Mouse, has completed a deal that will see him move from the powerhouse that is the UFC to the Asian based One FC. Johnson began his MMA career after competing as one of the top wrestlers […]

There are times when you might think you are talented, then you realise that Bradley Cooper wrote, starred in, directed, wrote and performed original songs for this film. That sentence was exhausting to write never mind to achieve anything along those lines. Let alone with this level of quality. A Star Is Born is a […]

Horror films are full of tropes and clichés, things that we know are strange and frustrating and yet keep happening. This film continues the trend in the most infuriating of ways, that is if you are one of the few who will be drawn into it at all. This will not be a positive review. […]

There is something quite wonderful about Halloween, perhaps it’s all of the Christmas decorations that go up in town three weeks before it. Fuck that unholy noise. I am not a huge fan of Halloween but something must be done to destroy that retail tradition that serves only to remind me that no matter how […]

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