Alana Binnie – God Help Me Video

Written by on July 26, 2018

Veering wildly off our usual Rock centric track to take a look at the debut single from Alana Binnie which was released yesterday. The 15-year-old singer announces her arrival on the scene with a stylish video for her song God Help Me, with Rex Regis offering the almost obligatory mid track rap verse.

Given that the track itself is out of the usual wheel house for this website we decided to outsource to a writer far more familiar with the genre.

My initial opinion on listening to the track was that the afrobeat reminded me a lot of the Jidenna (an American rapper known for his Hip Hop and Afrobeat tracks) track “Boomerang”. This mixed with Alana’s voice, which reminds me of Kat Dahlia with the rawness in her voice. I instantly fell in love with the whole track.

This track has that “London Vibe” feel, for example, back in the 90’s it would be a Craig David kind of feeling or more recently the current London Vibe would be like Mura Masa ft Charlie XCX – 1 Night. Honestly, I’m biased towards afrobeat and a distinct voice like Alana, I’m sold.

Lyrically, I can tell this is the kind of song you listen to during a midnight drive when you’ve had your heart broken, or you just fancy a quick ride to the nearest McDonalds.

As for Rex Regis featuring in this track, it does add little bit of grit to the breakdown of the song, I do enjoy it but I feel that the momentum of his rap part is slightly off in terms of the overall track, though that might be because Alana shines throughout. I did a couple of YouTube searches for Rex’s work to see what more he has to offer. His skills are solid and the quality of his work continues to improve. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.

We are looking forward to hearing more from Alana in the future. If this debut track is anything to go by there is a great deal to look forward to from this lady. With the potential to be a really big name and already winning fans over the future seems bright.


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