Vant – Dumb Blood – Review

Written by on February 2, 2019

VANT released Dumb Blood in 2017, the same year that they announced a hiatus at the end of that year’s tour. I came across this album in the same way I come across so many others. Uncle Rock called and told me there was a band coming and I agreed to go and see them sight unseen. I have learned to trust his recommendations and I have yet to see him proved wrong.

Dumb Blood is a garage rock sound done to the highest of quality. There is a feel of momentum, enthusiasm and spontaneity about the way the album is presented and the energy of the band comes across really well.

The songs are instantly catchy, I Don’t Believe In God Is stuck in my head as I speak, despite the fact that I am really enjoying Fly-By Alien which is currently echoing around my kitchen. The sheer number of tracks shown on the album, as well as the quality of each, speak to the creativity of the band when producing music. There is something about this band that makes you want to pick your guitar up and play along.

There is a misleading simplicity to the sound, you feel like you could play along easily, but there is something in the feel of the tracks that always makes it sound slightly off when you do. That is the polish that you don’t understand. It is why the Rolling Stones are so impressive to watch live, Keith Richards barely seems to move his hand at all to play any notes, but they are all there and if you tried to do the same you would fail miserably.

Put simply Vant make making music of this quality look easy. There hasn’t been an album that has struck me in the same way as this since I found the Walking Papers under the same circumstances. I cant wait to see this band, I assume the atmosphere will be huge and the performance to match. I will have to update with how it went, but for now get the album in your ears and hope there are still tickets.


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