This is Tomorrow – Uncle Rock’s verdict

Written by on June 6, 2018

Although a seasoned warrior of the road on both sides of the Atlantic this
was my first TIT Festival and hopefully not my last because at the end of
the day there is a lot to like about TIT! Granted Friday had its fair share of
tits in attendance (not to be confused with TIT) most notably inebriated,
unsuitably attired young teens who somehow managed to navigate the
plethora of security with Vodka ‘cunningly’ concealed in ‘spring water’
bottles. Now it may come as no great surprise that in a very short space of
time this all got a bit too much for the ‘Youth gone wild’ with one young
‘lady’ in particular managing to scale up onto a friends shoulders before
emptying the contents of her stomach all over an innocent bystander
adjacent to moi! What a stroke of luck I hear you say!
Now down to business. Sam Fender is a young man making waves on
the music scene and with very good reason. Having heard a number of
positive reports from people who know the time of day about these things I
was keen to see Sam for myself. After been stood in the rain for 90 mins
while being accosted by the aforementioned vodka fuelled ‘youth gone
wild’ It would have been easy to adopt a negative mindset about
proceedings, however Sam and band were not about to let that happen
and tore through a blistering set. Make no bones about it Sam is the man
and one who with luck and the right guidance is definitely going places. A
must see live if you get the opportunity.
Day two was indeed a far more pleasant experience and whilst all
performing were worthy of varying degrees of positive comment I am going
to limit my observations to DonBroco. Why? Because Don Broco grabbed
it by the balls and just tore it up from start to finish!
To be fair I was aware of this band, I have listened to this band and I
indeed know people who are well connected to this band, however prior to
seeing them live I still wasn’t sold. I knew they would be okay but I didn’t
expect the raging juggernaut that was an all out assault on the senses! I
sent Spotify into a meltdown in the following 48hrs with the T-Shirt song
and Money, Power, Fame getting a particular hammering! These are
incendiary live crowd pleasers and I for one cannot wait for my next
opportunity to do this all over again. Undoubtedly one of the finest live acts
I have seen in a long long time with a sound that is fresh and laced with an
abundance of edge and musical proficiency. The only fair and current
comparison I can make is with Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes (high
praise indeed) and although they are different animals musically both
bands leave you feeling exhilarated and alive which after all is what true
Rock & Roll is all about! Namaste #ThemancalledUncle

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