Team Members

Uncle Rock has been leading the charge for years and providing an example to the youth of how the rock and roll lifestyle should be done correctly. Without his organisational skills and ability to socialise with the general population regardless of the level of inebriation this group would fall at most hurdles. Uncle Rock has […]

The Horse rampages through the rock and roll landscape like a wild stallion who has not been ridden enough to be controlled, though he desperately wishes to be. His liver is prestigious as is his ability to avoid his round at the bar, and to blame others for his actions. His disparaging of Match of […]

Is the ultimate trouble-maker, flying below the radar and with a mind more cunning than even the most dastardly of foxes, foxen, foox, fuck it. Fury’s superpower is to sense with incredible accuracy when the wheels are about to fall off, when someone is on the verge of slipping into madness, and facilitating their fall […]

Living life inverted is never an easy business and can quite often lead to a bizarre world view. Attempting to make sense of life while surrounded by all of these english people is difficult at best, but when they have to try to figure out how to react to your circus style antics it is […]

The Mosh Fairy (not Pacey) exists in the shadows with a history shrouded in mystery. Usually providing the memory that so many of us lack. There is an odd clarity about his recollection that seems to suggest that he has mastered the enigmatic and, some would say, mythic ability of ‘only having a few’. The […]

After realising that the only way that he would get to write what he wanted, how he wanted, was to do it himself The Boy decided to make himself a website. This would give him a space to throw the English language headlong at the world of rock and beyond. Aided by the rock faithful […]

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