First in line for our retrospective look at the work of David Bowie is the 1967 self-titled debut album. Our man has been locked in a cupboard with nothing but the album for company. These are his slightly crazed thoughts. I have always said that in order to fully enjoy music you have to listen […]

There are times when you might think you are talented, then you realise that Bradley Cooper wrote, starred in, directed, wrote and performed original songs for this film. That sentence was exhausting to write never mind to achieve anything along those lines. Let alone with this level of quality. A Star Is Born is a […]

System of a Down flew deftly under my radar for years, only to launch spectacular sneak attacks on a frighteningly frequent basis during a late night drunk in Legends. What can possibly be better than seeing the swirl of sweaty black clad beings howling out the lyrics to some heavy as fuck songs as watered […]

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