Modern Mimes – Wake Up – Album Review

Written by on July 5, 2018

I talk a lot about atmosphere when it comes to music and I am constantly on the look out for music that will fit with my mood at any given moment. I am also easily swayed and I will give anyone a listen that follows me on Twitter, so far this has not taken me too far wrong. I also live in the daydream of one day making my own Neo/future noir film at some point in my life so I will always have a soft spot for anything that can make me imagine anything in this genre.

I have not been let down when it comes to any of these aspects by the first full length release by Modern Mimes. The Florida based duo refer to their sound as ‘future goth’ as a way to attempt to describe the experimental and atmospheric sound that they have created brilliantly with the haunting vocals of Adi Elcida Hernandez, electronic beats and the heroics of the double neck sporting bass and guitar player Ernesto Paez.

I was wondering what I was getting myself into as I waded through the extremely experimental opening track Room on the Moon. However my faith was well and truly rewarded by the second track on the album Favourite Blue. I have heard nothing that could echo the sound created by the almost traditional haunting vocals you could expect by a classic noir femme fatale with the more modern rhythm section backing up expertly.

This theme is continued throughout the album with enough variation to hold attention and avoid these tracks falling into ‘background noise’ territory. By the time I had gotten to fourth track Suicide Idols I had already looked up their tour dates, unfortunately none booked for the UK as yet, which should give you some idea of the effect that they have had on me so far.

The album, although having a recognisable theme, executes a unique sound with style and quality that is rarely seen in initial releases. The vocals are soaring and powerful and as you would expect to hear in large venues and summer festivals. Anyone that has a cover version of a song recommended by the original band (Type O Negative – I don’t wanna be me) especially in the early stages of their career show a great deal of promise.

This idea is firmly backed up by this album. This comes highly recommended and I am looking forward to future releases and repeated listens. I can’t wait to hear more.


Top Track – Favourite Blue

Rating – 8/10

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