MoshFairy(NotPacey) / Talent Scout

The Mosh Fairy (not Pacey) exists in the shadows with a history shrouded in mystery. Usually providing the memory that so many of us lack. There is an odd clarity about his recollection that seems to suggest that he has mastered the enigmatic and, some would say, mythic ability of ‘only having a few’.

The Mosh Fairy (not Pacey) exists, always, on the fringes of the mosh pit, denying at any mention that he was once knocked out on his feet by a large woman at Download festival, though will readily acknowledge that his sunglasses were knocked from his face by a sudden, unstoppable and distinctly feminine force.

His natural manner is to attempt to avoid all mischief and drunken behaviour, only to by seduced by the ethereal sounds of merriment soon after and will indulge tentatively in the proceedings.

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