Boundary Exception – Teardrops On A Blank Page

Written by on July 6, 2018

I don’t believe it’s possible to truly understand the level of damage you do to yourself by falling into a thorn bush until you step into the shower. I don’t know how you end a day drinking session but I prefer the foliage based scratchiness that can only be attained by aiming yourself arse first at some of mother nature’s finest and letting gravity do it’s thing.

Luckily the soundtrack to my shower was Boundary Exception’s debut album Teardrops on a Blank Page. Nothing fights off a hangover like some decent rock.

Guitarist Peter Hamer has provided some fantastic guitar work on his latest project, both in terms of the riffs and the solos that are showcased throughout the album. Starting off strong with Alien, you know what you are getting from the introduction to this song and the intensity doesn’t let up. The second track Hope is awesome, and possibly my favourite on the album. I am a huge fan of Michela Speranzi’s vocals here and the solo is both impressive and controlled and doesn’t get out of control as other bands I’ve reviewed are often tempted to do. Instant Flow’s technical start point hooked me and I am now determined to learn how to play this song before the vocals even begin. The minimal instrumental of the verses showcases the vocals laid down brilliantly.

Limelight has a more ‘classic rock’ feel to it which is an interesting and welcome departure from the heavier feel of the earlier tracks. Here we can see the versatility of both guitar and vocals. Although this track is much more accessible I feel myself wanting to skip forward to see what is next, it doesn’t quite grab you like the tracks that came before. The decision to cover Rush on this album seems a little out of place and doesn’t fit with the rest of the album. Luckily Closer gets us back on track with a moody fuzzed up bassline that introduces the song, unfortunately it doesn’t continue throughout but it’s a cool intro. Seven brings back the heavy riffing and technical lead licks that we saw in earlier tracks and reminds you once again why you are listening to this album. There will be no skipping forward here. The track itself is instrumental and atmospheric, possibly one of the most interesting tracks on the whole album for the overall effect that is created. If there isn’t a futuristic, dystopic, Heavy Metal style animated video created soon with this track behind it I will be very disappointed in the internet.

Last Goodbye finishes off the album in fine form, I find myself asking if it possible to have a song that is both mellow and heavy, then realising that if you can then I’m certainly listening to it. Muted riffs and powerful vocals are the order of the day here. The interesting choice to cover Jeff Buckley really pays off with the album’s finale.

The overall album is polished and well worth multiple listens. Even the lowest point on the album (Limelight in my opinion) isn’t exactly a low point. The room is quiet now as the album has ended and I feel like I want more from Boundary Exception immediately. The most negative thing I can say about the album is that it should be longer. 8 tracks is not enough for me, but then I’m greedy.


Rating 8/10

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