Trillians being the home of Rock in the North East is a great place to find out about bands that you otherwise would be none the wiser about. Earlier conversations had made me aware of Into The Deep, and that was enough to lure me into the bar on a warm Tuesday night. Kicking off […]

For those of you who no longer fear the reaper the Blue Oyster Cult are heading to the UK for an eight-date tour encompassing three of the finest cities in the land, and five others. The band will head through Norwich and London, before making it to God’s country in Newcastle, Glasgow and Leeds. They […]

In which the boy talks about Mandora, Into The Deep, Paris Dancer, and Cornerstone gigs. Demi Lovato’s reported heroin overdose, Ginger Wildheart’s cancelled tour. Mental health issues, cannabis, Trump, people being offended by comedy, people not thinking through decisions and continued annoyance at The Guardian.  

Keeping up with local bands isn’t easy and you find that a lot of them manage to fly under the radar and escape your scrutiny. Luckily in order to avoid that there is always Trillians. The rock bar of choice for all of the more interesting people in society. As a result of the ability […]

Nothing makes you feel your age like remembering the first time you saw a band live. Given that any search I do to try to find out the exact date of the gig I went to comes up with nothing I’m going to guess at about 11 years ago, based on the girlfriend I had […]

Speculation has been rife for over a year now about a possible reunion of the Murderdolls with numerous articles being written on the subject and interviews with band members Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13 stoking the fires of fan anticipation. It is now 16 years since the Murderdolls first album and the excitement around this […]

There is always discussion about who the headliners are going to be in the next festival season. something has to get us through the long months until we can once again exorcise ourselves from the mundanity of the corporate world and live like the savages we are for a few days. The close proximity to […]

There is a natural progression that a number of bands seem to be going through these days which leads to their music becoming more ‘mainstream’. There is a desire to look for ‘another sound’ which will undoubtedly divide their existing fan base and forms a kind of crossroads for the band in general. Gravity is […]

In which the boy discusses the results of his Pussy Melter survey (#PussyMelterforlife). Complains about the potential disappointment of the treatment of Prince’s estate, laments about missing out on tours after finding out about them too late, then in typical Boy fashion realises he has missed another one. Recommended bands for the podcast: Mandora Killit […]

In which the boy discusses a recent GQ article about the lack of female presence on festival line ups, a good point not well made.

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