Release Date: 1st December 2017 Bandcamp:  Call me old fashioned, but I’m not as well versed on my Finnish Folk Metal as most of the kids are nowadays. On top of that I am entirely too sober to deal with epic metal soundscapes and demonic growling interspersed with jaunty yodelling, however, I am nothing if not […]

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May 21, 2018


Venue: O2 Academy, Islington Date: 7th November 2015 “Will you be drinking tonight sir?” 3 days into a full weekend binge I wasn’t sure if this was the greatest compliment I had ever been paid, or vicious sarcasm. Luckily I remained my usual gracious self as I took the coupon and strode into the main […]

Release Date: 29th September 2017 iTunes: Freshers week is mental at the best of times, but it is especially so when you are a grumpy old man who has decided to become a ‘mature’ student. There are too many people here that don’t bare the jaded pessimism that the rest of the world has had forced […]

Release Date : 22nd September 2017 Preorder : I am not one for the gym, but then I have to go if I plan on continuing to drink as much as I do, the things we have to do when we get older. Finding the right thing to listen to is a real challenge because […]

Venue: Riverside, Newcastle Date: 19th September 2017 I was very aware of the time throughout the interview and was very aware that I didn’t want to eat into any prep time that they had before the gig began, so I thanked them for the interview and excused myself. I left feeling more at ease, completely charmed and […]

Venue: Think Tank, Newcastle Date: 9th December 2017 As always the best of intentions will be supremely dismantled by the tiniest amount of temptation. I have survived a heavy week; one which can be summed up by the excuse ‘but it’s nearly Christmas’, as if ‘it’s Thursday’ wouldn’t have been enough. It was in the middle of […]

Release Date: 18th December 2015 The headphone jack on my laptop doesn’t work. I didn’t find that out prior to playing the new EP from Spreading The Disease in the library. This was also the moment that the normally quiet speakers on my laptop decided to flex their muscles. Good morning world. Spread the disease are a Kent […]

Release date: 6th November 2015 Razor & Tie Records iTunes: I am amazed at how many men in the changing rooms at the gym stand and pose in front of the mirror before going to exercise. Yes we can all see that you have bought a new fluorescent vest top, I’m sure it’s very nice, no […]

Venue: O2 Academy, Newcastle Date: 8th November 2015 It is a very rare occurrence for me to get into the Academy just after the doors have opened and it is even rarer for me to queue for the privilege, however this was the gig I had been looking forward to most. That is no small statement bearing […]

Release Date: 1st September 2017 Purchase: Good googly moogly am I a sucker for some well played pop punk. It may be my weakness, the way to instantly negate all the super powers that I have. I’m not scared, I’ll leap around with a crowd of teenage girls, I’ll scream louder than any of them, it’s how […]

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