I had been a bit dubious about The Damned recently. I had been a fan of their work for a while but wasn’t so keen on their latest album and what I thought to be a change of sound, almost verging on a change of genre for the band. I was however, as usual in […]

Although a seasoned warrior of the road on both sides of the Atlantic this was my first TIT Festival and hopefully not my last because at the end of the day there is a lot to like about TIT! Granted Friday had its fair share of tits in attendance (not to be confused with TIT) […]

Editors Note – Since the parties involved have a scattered memory about this night, at best, this will be told in the third person. This is a collection of the fragmented memories of broken toys. The Boy was late, and visibly and emotionally hungover. Uncle Rock was at the bar, on time, and already enjoying […]

Ahead of their upcoming September UK Tour I have been listening to the Pearl Harts debut album Glitter and Spit. I’ll review the album separately but nevertheless there has been a lot of random nudity about the place as the overall sound of the album has me wanting to strip at any given time, much […]

Given that this is a band that has recently taken over the musical atmosphere of my house and is currently filling the air of a Croatian apartment as I sit naked, half drunk and armed with a laptop on a barely covered veranda, there is clearly more that I should know about this band, mostly […]

Artist: Gus G Album: Fearless Released: 20 April 2018 In a recent interview Gus G commented that he was somewhat relieved after being let go from Ozzy Osbourne’s band in favour of Zakk Wilde. As he summed it up there was a stifling of creativity in the fact that he couldn’t plan anything too far […]

With the sun deciding to show it’s face the second trip down to Spillers Wharf wasn’t quite so harrowing, or moist. The atmosphere surrounding the place was much improved and exactly what you would hoe for on a Saturday afternoon in Newcastle. It is amazing the difference in mood when you find yourself waiting outside […]

New Will Smith music incoming Will Smith hints at working on new music with the release of a video from the studio made on May 23 rd . The 49 year old’s last album, Lost and Found, was released in 2005. In the video Smith talks about how he was exhausted by the amount of […]

Doors opened at four, so being the responsible music junkies we are we wandered across to Spillers Wharf on time, bright eyed and bushy tailed, or rather a bit damp from the rain that had started up and was just getting into the swing of things. There was reason for the early start, we wanted […]

Release Date: 8th April 2016 eOne Music iTunes: http://apple.co/1SfVY4C There is very little that can be done the morning after an all you can drink booze cruise around Malta. The weather is hot and the air conditioner is too noisy. A review that I have put off for the last couple of days is on my mind […]

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